Harper Reynolds

A peaches and cream daydream…


Have you ever found yourself daydreaming about the girl you wished lived next door?

Maybe she caught your eye in a café, while you waited for your order. As she lightly brushed her hair aside, leaning down to sip her coffee, you found yourself focussing on the strain of the fabric across her chest, and your mind wandered to helping her out of that dress. Or perhaps you noticed her across a dimly lit cocktail bar, while you were out for a drink after work. You watched her body sway to the music as she chatted to her friends. Feeling your eyes on her, she looked up and met your gaze, smiling coyly. The music changed, you blinked, and she was gone, out into the night.

If you have ever found yourself wondering about what the girl next door is like behind closed doors, welcome. Come on in, let’s get acquainted.

I'm Harper Reynolds.


SWA 10640 XE